"A simple and effective way to save payments."

Pierre-Hubert Roubinet, COO of LSDLP

LSDLP boosts payment success rate +8.1% by instantly rerouting failed payments

Le Site de la Pièce (LSDLP) is an e-commerce pure player that sells spare parts for household appliances. 

Using Zeppto’s Instant Retry technology, LSDLP instantly rerouted and retried their failed payments to a backup payment service provider (PSP) in order to improve their chances of a successful purchase.


1. Reduce the number of failed payments and maximise revenue through a multi-PSP approach

2. Make the process fully automated for end customers

3. Deploy with no software development for the merchant (i.e. with "no-code")


Instantly retry LSDLP customers' failed bank card payments via another payment processor to get them approved. 

side-by-side comparison user experience with Instant Retry
User experience during a payment retry

When a failed payment is detected, Zeppto automatically retries a payment with a secondary payment processor.

During the process the customer is informed that a second payment attempt is being processed and does not have to re-enter his or her payment details (Zeppto saves payment information for a few minutes thanks to its PCI DSS Level 1 certification).


Over the 5 week period Instant Retry helped LSDLP increase its overall sales from payments made with bank cards by 8.1%.

+8.1% sales from Instant Retry graph
Weekly increase in sales


32 rue de Paradis, 75010,
Paris, France

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