Recuperate failed payments with Instant Retry

Instantly retry your customers' failed payment attempts via another payment processor to get them approved

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Increase your sales
+5 to 10%

based on the average payment authorisation rate across different industries and payment service providers

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They trust us

"Powerful yet simple to activate, Instant Retry is a must-try for any e-commerce."

Pierre-Hubert Roubinet
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"Zeppto adds a layer of security to our main payment provider."

Romain Kwiatkowski
E-commerce Director of Kiwi Saint Tropez
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"We had not previously considered having a backup payment provider, but Zeppto has shown us its added value."

Marie-Victoire d'Ormesson
CDO of Barbecue&Co
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Failed payments are a bigger problem than they appear

On average, 15-20% of all e-commerce payments fail. Understanding the true rate of payment failure (including payments abandoned during 3DS authentication) can sometimes be tricky. Zeppto provides you with a free tool to easily calculate your failed payment rate.

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Failed transactions cost lost revenue

A small percentage of declined transactions can mean millions worth of lost revenue. Payment declines create massive friction between you and your customers and negatively impacts your user experience.

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Frictionless payment experience

Zeppto increases the percentage of successful payments with authentication.

Guaranteed performance

Accept payments when your PSP is down

Zeppto adds a fall-back option should your main PSP stop processing payments.

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Zero risk

We exclusively retry a payment when it was not completed by your payment service provider.


Zero risk

Pay only for the transactions that are successfully processed by Instant Retry.

Plug & play technology: activate with a plugin or via our API for custom CMS

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Add a backup provider provider to any PSP you have today:

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Maximum payment security

Maximum payment security


Certified PCI DSS level 1. See certification here


Compatible with 3-D secure


Compatible with any fraud detection software

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Try Instant Retry for free for 30 days

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