"Zeppto ensures the success of our payments."

Romain Kwiatkowski, E-commerce Director of Kiwi

Kiwi increases sales +5.6% by activating a backup payment provider

Kiwi Saint Tropez is a French brand of swimwear and family clothing.

Kiwi, like many other e-commerces, faced a significant amount of payment failures that were causing the company to lose revenue, notably since PSD2's new regulations concerning strong customer authentication.


Reduce the number of payments that fail due to technical and authentication issues


Instantly retry Kiwi customers' failed payment attempts via a backup payment provider to get them approved.

For technical issues, retrying the payment may bypass a technical error (i.e. two IT systems of different providers are unlikely to be down simultaneously).

For authentication issues, retrying the payment can also save the payment.

Why? Because the authentication process by the customer's issuing bank will not necessarily be the same for each payment attempt. Indeed, the issuing bank handles payment attempts transmitted by different payment providers differently.

User experience during a payment retry


Over the study period ranging from May to June, Kiwi increased +5.6% bank card sales via its backup payment provider.


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