BCG increases sales +17% by instantly retrying payment declines

BCG (Bureau Carte Grise) is an e-commerce dedicated to services helping with the processing of administrative tasks.

Noticing a large number of payments declined with its payment service provider, especially since complying with PSD2’s new regulations concerning SCA and 3D Secure, the company quickly needed to find a solution that could help it increase its payment authorisation rate.

To achieve its payment optimisation goal BCG activated Zeppto’s Instant Retry, which automatically retries and reroutes declined payments via another payment route to get them approved.


Reduce the number of failed payments to recuperate lost revenue


Instantly retry payments that failed with the payment service provider used by default on BCG website, and have them processed through another payment route.

Zeppto’s technology automatically detects when a customer comes back to the website without having completed an order after a first payment attempt.

Thanks to its PCI DSS level 1 certificate, Zeppto temporarily saves via secured tokenisation customers’ card information when first entered on the website. Zeppto can then use it for a retry (when applicable) without having to ask customers to re-enter their payment information.


78% of rejected payments processed by Instant Retry were approved, boosting overall sales by 17%.


32 rue de Paradis, 75010,
Paris, France

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