"We had not previously considered having a backup payment provider, but Zeppto has shown us its added value."

Marie-Victoire d'Ormesson, CDO of Barbecue&Co

Barbecue&Co success story: +11.8% sales thanks to a backup payment provider

Barbecue&Co is a specialist in the sale of barbecues and spare parts as well as outdoor kitchens.

Facing a significant number of payment failures, Barbecue&Co decided to activate a backup payment processor using Zeppto’s Instant Retry technology in order to increase its payment authorisation rate.


Instantly reroute failed card transactions via a backup payment provider.


When a failed payment is detected, Zeppto temporarily stores the card information via tokenization and instantly retries the payment with a backup payment processor. In this case Stripe was used.

User experience during a payment retry on


Over the one-month study period Barbecue&Co achieved +11.8% in bank card sales via its backup payment processor.

The average value of carts saved was 618€. Given this high amount, it was interesting to note that a large percentage of payments saved were subject to 3DS authentication and successfully passed it.


32 rue de Paradis, 75010,
Paris, France

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