PayWax's Smart eWallet Selector Goes Live on

Updated: May 6

PayWax has developed a solution to improve Yeppon's checkout process

Paris, France, January 27, 2021

For more than two months, PayWax has been operating on Yeppon, a leading eCommerce store in Italy specialising in the sale of a wide range of top brand and high-quality products, ranging from computers, TVs, large and small household appliances to DIY and spare parts for cars and motorbikes, all at competitive prices.

Yeppon was looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap between mobile sales and mobile traffic, and turned to PayWax, a software company specialising in intelligent eCommerce checkouts.

Using customer data readily available in eWallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay...), PayWax selects and displays the best eWallet for each of Yeppon's customers, delivering a highly personalised shopping experience that increases user satisfaction and of course conversions, especially from mobile.

This approach has allowed Yeppon to improve its mobile metrics (around 80% of eWallet users pay from mobile) by enabling its customers to check out using Apple Pay and Google Pay, applications that allow them to complete a purchase in just 45 seconds on average.

The greatest advantage can be found during periods of intense shopping, such as Black Friday or the last days of the Christmas, when users tend to buy quickly, browsing many different websites.

On Yeppon during the 7-day peak of Black Friday, for example, mobile conversions increased by 165% compared to the previous week; with a decisive incidence of transactions via eWallets, demonstrating the importance of offering a smooth and relevant payment experience for mobile users.

In the medium term, Yeppon and PayWax plan to integrate more and more eWallets services, also improving the customer experience by pushing the service directly onto product pages.

A strategic choice, given the intention to intercept the new trends of users in terms of payments, also taking advantage of the growing use of mobile devices throughout the Italian market.

About Yeppon

With over 300,000 customers, Yeppon is one of the best-known eCommerce platforms in Italy, and has been operating on the market for around 10 years.

Its extensive product portfolio includes over 350,000 products from the best brands, at competitive prices and among the lowest on the market. The company places great importance on customer relations, investing time and money in after-sales and customer service.

About PayWax

PayWax is a software company specialising in developing innovative 1-click checkout solutions to help eCommerce businesses increase their conversion rates by improving the user experience during the checkout process.